Keurig B130 DeskPro Review – Great for that Single Cup?

Laura Last Updated: May 20th, 2017 at 4:20 pm
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Keurig-B130Recently, I complained at the front desk of a hotel that my coffee maker was missing its carafe. The woman looked at me dolefully and explained that the unit was a single cup machine and didn’t use a carafe. Keurig is the company that inaugurated the single-serve system.

The B130 Desk Pro Brewing System is the model I encountered in my hotel room. It is a compact commercial appliance that brews one eight-ounce cup of coffee or tea at a time, in under three minutes. The suggested retail price on this model runs from $109 to $129, but I found many outlets that sold the units for $79 to $89.

Features and Specifications

This machine is small and runs on low wattage, which is why hotels like it. It brews one eight-ounce cup in under three minutes (usually less than 30 seconds). There is a single-use water reservoir and a mug sensor so that the water doesn’t pour out unless there is a receptacle there to catch it. There is no breakable glass carafe to deal with; the unit uses disposable pre-packed single-serve coffee or tea holders. The beverages (sold separately) come in a variety of flavors.

The B130 is easy to clean and maintain. There is an energy-saving mode (an automatic off feature). The easy to understand instructions come in pictorial form. It has adjustable brew strength, too and the 700-watt unit is UL and cUL approved.

The Good

This brewer has a lot of supporters.

  • Easy to use. You simply insert the little cup, fill the reservoir and put your mug underneath.
  • Brew times may vary, but in less than three minutes you will have a hot cup of your favorite beverage.
  • Keurig sells a plethora of coffee brews and flavors as well as flavored tea and hot cocoa.
  • The single-serve unit avoids the old coffee smell and taste from a carafe that is several hours old.
  • Since this is basically a commercial model, meant for hotels, it is perfect where space is an issue. It works at the office and takes up little space on the home kitchen counter.
  • In addition, at the office, or anywhere there may be many electrical appliances plugged in, you won’t run the risk of circuit-breakers popping with the low wattage.

The Bad

  • On the down side, this coffeemaker is small, and regular-sized mugs will not fit the machine.
  • Does not accept the My K-Cup filter that allows you to use your own coffee in the appliance.
  • If you want to serve to a group of people, you must add the water separately for each cup. That means you cannot serve your guests together because the first cup brewed will get cold.
  • Many people complain that while Keurig says the unit makes an eight-ounce cup, it is actually more like six ounces.
  • One “con” that may also be a “pro” depending upon how you see it is that the directions are printed on the front of the appliance. That makes sense for a commercial coffee pot that will be used in a hotel room or office environment, but it distracts from the appearance in your kitchen.
  • Some consumers have reported a “burned plastic” taste; that may be due to the proximity of the K-Cup holder to the heating element.
  • The B-130 also gets low marks for its durability. The unit is noisy and may have a relatively short use-life.

The Verdict

The Keurig B-130 DeskPro has some definite advantages. It can be used in small spaces and offers the ability for everyone to choose the kind and strength of hot beverage they desire. Coffee can be fresh-brewed when someone wants a cup without leaving the rest in a carafe to get cold or get that “old shoe” smell that happens when it is held at “warm” temperature for hours.

While it has a quick brewing time, you cannot serve to several guests at one time because the first cups will get cold, and refills must be done one cup at a time as well, so hostesses will spend time being “Baristas” instead of visiting with their guests. Still, with an understanding that the coffee maker is intended as a commercial appliance for hotels, it is ideal for the close confines of an office or cubicle. It comes down to what you want in a single-serve brewer.

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