6 Tips on How to Use a Coffee Maker

Laura Last Updated: December 2nd, 2016 at 1:19 pm

cup-of-coffeeLearning how to use a drip coffee maker isn’t that difficult. Whether you have used an old-fashioned percolator on the stove for years, or if it’s your first foray into the world of coffee, follow these tips and you’re sure to be satisfied.

You might need to go through a period of trial and error to make your cup exactly the way you like it, but you’ll get it in time. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Be patient as you learn how to get the most out of your brewer.


Begin with the Water Level
Think about how much you are going to need. If you are only making one for yourself, you’ll only need a cup or two of water, unless you really like to indulge in plenty of java every morning and throughout the day. Remember that the longer it sits in the pot, the more likely it will become stale over time. If you are serving many people, judge accordingly. If four others are joining you, estimate two cups of water per person. You can always brew another pot if you run out, ensuring freshness along the way.

Carefully Measure
The general rule of thumb is a tablespoon of coffee per cup of water. This amount will vary depending on your individual preferences. If you like a strong brew–the kind that will grow hair on your chest–you’ll probably want to double that number. On the other hand, you can always cut it in half if you prefer a weaker brew–though it’s recommended to brew the coffee at normal strength, then add hot water to your cup to dilute to your taste.

Make Sure You Have a Filter in the Brewer
A basic checklist item, crucial for those early morning bleary-eyed starts: before you add your coffee grounds, make sure there is a filter in the filter basket. Otherwise, you’ll end up with bits floating in your cup.

Get Your Machine Started
You’re finally ready to get brewing. Push start and let it go, waiting until the entire amount of water has run through. Serve immediately to ensure it is hot and fresh.

Adjusting for a Single Cup Brewer
If you have a single cup brewer, you’ll find that life is pretty easy. You’ll need to add water to the appropriate part of the machine. Next up is your pre-packaged cup that is specifically made for the brewer in a variety of flavors. You can also use a filter that can be filled with the brand of your choice. Adjust the amount according to taste. If you are trying for a stronger cup with the pre-packaged cups, you can choose the option on the brewer for a smaller serving. For a weaker cup, choose the larger serving setting or re-use a cup.

Think About Preparation
In addition to knowing to use your machine, a few additional tips can help you make better coffee at home. Your coffee will be best if it’s ground immediately before serving. You’ll also want to make sure it is stored properly in a container that will not allow any air to escape. Choose the right amount of sugar and creamer to make the most of your efforts. Whether you like light or black, you’ll know you used your the machine correctly when you are really happy with that first sip.

For more advice, check out this helpful video:

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