How to Make Great Coffee: 5 Top Tips

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All coffee is not created equal. You have surely had a lousy cup of Joe at some point in your life and that special brew that keeps you coming back for more. If you are a major coffee enthusiast or you want to create a delectable delight for those who love this classic beverage, you need to know a few tricks to ensure that cup will always be perfect. You’ll have others begging for your secret, wanting to know how to brew a great coffee every time.

It’s All in the Beans
The first step is to begin with the best beans. It’s really not a matter of the most expensive or cheapest varieties on the shelves, although you will generally find that the bargain brands do not have as satisfying of a flavor. You’ll find that it is trial and error as you scope out the different products lining the shelves. You might love the gourmet, go for a dark roast, or prefer something mild. If you are out at a restaurant and really enjoy your brew, inquire about the brand. You might be able to bring it home. You’ll also find that many chain stores are selling their coffee in the supermarket. If you know that it’s your favorite, pick it up.

Pay Attention to Storage
When you open your coffee for the first time, make sure you store it properly. You need to make sure that it is in an airtight container. Otherwise, some of the best flavors will escape and you’ll end up with a mediocre brew. Don’t leave your container out in the sun either or you’ll find a difference in flavor as well.

Grind it Yourself
To really get the freshest flavor and unlock your coffee’s full potential, you’ll want to invest in a coffee grinder. Don’t grind all of the beans at once, a mistake that many people make. Grind exactly what you need on a daily basis to get the most out of your favorite beans. They perish easily and truly are delicate when it comes to locking in the delicious compounds that tantalize the senses with every sip. When you hold off on grinding your coffee beans until just before you make your first cup of the day, you’ll really see a difference.

Consider a Single Cup Brewer
Many have found the convenience of a single cup brewer has revolutionized their morning ritual. The beauty of these machines is the fact that they make a fresh cup within a minute or so, rather than making you wait for the percolator or the drip coffee maker to finish their cycles. You also reduce waste when you don’t end up dumping any unused or stale coffee. You can adjust the amount you add to the filter to get the right strength to suit individual preferences. A variety of flavors are available in pre-packaged cups, tailored for the brewer, or add your favorite to the filter. The choice is yours.

Don’t Forget the Extras
Top off that perfect cup with the right amount of cream and sugar (you won’t believe the variety of creamers!). Or choose black if that’s up your alley. Drink up!

Check out this video for more tips:

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